Tips Preventing Virus Infections via USB Flashdisk

when we want to have a USB plugin Flashdisk, shortly before entering the USB Flashdisk into the USB port, press SHIFT key, and enter USB Flashdisk keep pressing the shift key for 8-10 seconds.

When the system to install drivers for USB Flashdisk, press and hold until the installation process is complete (usually baloon popup appears), press and hold until a few seconds longer for the older machines usually require a longer time. A dialog box may appear (for the XP operating system), which gives information about the features FilterKey. Do not worry ... this is a feature for Accessibility orang2 that need them. We can disable this feature so it will not appear again via Control Panel> Accessibility Options. You know what to do

This technique is to disable the autorun.inf feature is usually found on the CD presentation, company profile or driver software installation. *** And this feature is usually used by the virus to transmit to virusnya in the host system. Try it out by inserting the CD buktikan presentation / driver installer with the same pressing SHIFT button for several seconds (usually round up votes to stop a CD Drive) ... the screen would flash presentation or program will not appear.

One of the symptoms that our operating system with the virus is not functioning features Tools> Folder Options> View> Show hidden files and folders. Or even in the Tools folder there is no option brontok Options ... remember? :)) Well ... fitur2 can only intentionally disabled by Admin Windows SteadyState or through other means, so do not fear buru2 first when "gejala2" at the top are on your system.

Install Windows Defender, Malicious Software Removal Tool (available in both Microsoft website, ready to download), a good antivirus program (well, actually I have rekoendasi, but was accused of "selling" ... hehe) and update regularly. Activate the automatic update feature ... or download updates and ask for installation of us who do not want to upset the performance of the operating system, especially in the saat2 in which we are presenting or the proyek2 critical.

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