Tips Prevent Shut Down command

When we are working on a task or something with computers, sometimes we have to leave the computer for some time. Well, at such time, may be, your children or wife or even someone who happens to see on the computer is off with the intention for various reasons, such as saving electricity, or even deliberately fraudulent mengerjai to you.

Still the usual time tips using the Windows facility that is not foreign to us, the registry editor.

The steps as follows.

Click Start>> Run>> then type regedit and then OK or ENTER to the registry editor window appears.

Click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER>> Software>> Microsoft>> Windows>> Current Version>> Policies>> Explorer

Then in the right pane, click New>> DWORD value.

Then change / name DWORD value with the "NoClose" (without the quotes).

Then right-click the value name "NoClose" is then select modify.

Then a window will appear Edit DWORD value.

Data: (0 = disable, 1 = enable)

To prevent the shutdown command, you need to fill in the 0 and 1 if otherwise.

Then Restart your PC / laptop you.


Now, make sure your PC is not in shutdown by your wife or child or even someone who you want to menjahili.

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