Internet Explorer 6.0 - Hide the tab Connections

You are using Internet Explorer as your browser to connect to the virtual world, is sure to know the function of the Connections tab. Connections tab that is located in the menu "Tools | Options", contains the most important option to use Internet Explorer. You can determine is the type of connection that is used to dealing with the Internet, either with a dial-up connection or via LAN in the network.

Thus, Internet Explorer does not have meaning when the tab is not there. Unfortunately, the Connections tab can be opened only by users that Internet Explorer, so all people can access them. If you already have an Internet account and do not want any person to change or add other accounts, the security tab you need to increase this. One of them is to hide it so that it can not be seen by all users of Internet Explorer. In this way, other than your own does not have other people that can change your account settings or in it. To perform this trick, you need a small tool registry editor. Open this tool by typing "regedit" in the menu "Start | Run". Then, go to the key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER | Software | Policies | Microsoft | Internet Explorer | Control Panel". When in regedit just to find your key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER | Software | Policies | Microsoft" only, meaning you have to make the next key to complete. If the key has been selected correctly, create a new entry under "Edit | New | Dword Value" in the right window. Name the entry with "ConnectionsTab". After that, the open entry way with a double click and type the number "1" in the "Value data". Click "OK" to agree. Now, close the registry editor and open Internet Explorer that you have. Open the menu "Options" from the "Tools". Connections tab now has been missing from the "Options" and connect your browser settings to be more secure. Author: Desmal.Andi Source: CHIP 06/2005 (

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