Tips Modify Menu "Send To"

You can easily send a file to the floppy, printer, Briefcase, and with a particular Windows program to right-click the file and choose the delivery destination from the menu â € œSend € Toa. But, tahukan you that you can add almost any type of device and / or programs to the menu in the â € œSend € Toa to make it easier to transfer files to the destination are the most commonly used?

1.Jalankan Windows Explorer
2.Pilih your Windows directory (eg C: Windows). If you are Using Windows NT, select the folder â € œProfilesDefaul UserSend To

3.Sekarang, create a shortcut in the Send To folder as usual for the device and the program you want to access from the menu â € œSend € Toa. For example, to add the folder that is in the WORK zip drive (eg D: WORK) to the Send To menu:

4.Klik right in the Send To folder and select New | Shortcut

5.Ketik â € œD: WORK without quotes, then click Next

6.Ketik a name for the item Send to a newly created (for example â € œFolder Work), and click Finish
Now, when you right-click on the file, you will see â € œFolder work appears as an option in the Send To menu.

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