Installing Windows 7 (Method Clean)

Clean method for the installation of Windows 7 is the easiest way and got a small risk. To do this, we must provide a computer that has not been installed at all of his OS. Just testing, ktia can also use virtualization such as Visual PC, Virtual Server and VMWare.

Here are the steps the installation process of Windows 7 by the initial (clean method):

1. Insert DVD Windows 7.

2. Perform booting from this DVD.

3. At the initial installation we will get the installation dialog box.

4. Select language and keyboard type.

5. Then click the Next button.

6. We'll get a dialog box License.

7. Doing the "I accept the license terms".

8. Then click the Next button.

9. Then we select the type of installation.

10. Select Custom (Advanced).

11. Next we choose the disk hardware is detected by Windows 7.

12. Then click the Next button.

13. The system will perform the installation and this will take depends on the hardware specification is used.

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