Setting WI-FI (Wireless / Hotspot) in Laptop and PC

For setting up wireless / hotspots in the computer / laptop you are, follow the steps below:

1. Check your computer / laptop if you have installed the wireless drivers what blom.

2. How to checknya Menu - Run, type devmgmt.msc.

3. If not like the picture above, yes the driver is first installed (usually marked with a yellow question mark bewarna kalo blom driver installed).

4. Select Control Panel - Network Connection, double click on the wireless connection options network connection.
On the left side menu, select refresh the network list, so it will appear a list of available wireless networks within range wireless connections are divided into two groups, unsecured and secured. On unsecured laptops we will be automatically registered to use dynamic IP address, sedangankan on our secured registration is required prior to the network administrator to obtain an IP. Choose one of the unsecured-if any-from the list of options available wireless connection, then press the connect button on the right under

5.Jika connect, the Windows tray icon, will appear wi-fi icon that flashed green with power quality wi-fi signal is received that is Excellent (54 Mbps), Very Good, Good, Low, Poor To see the connection status, click twice on the icon will display the status window of the wireless connection.

6.Coba click the wireless icon located on the right menubar under the computer / laptop.
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