Tips Delete Msconfig Startup List

There are many tips or ways to speed up the Windows boot process, one tipsnya is to remove startup programs or applications that run when the computer is turned on. Sometimes there are several options we have removed from the list but still appear and can not be deleted from the Startup list. Here are tips to delete msconfig startup list that have been deleted from the system.

To access the startup list is as follows.

Click Start>> Run>> then type msconfig then OK or ENTER.

There are many lists or application programs that run automatically when the computer starts and this can cause a heavy boot process or later.

if we had removed from the system but still appears in the startup list, we can remove them permanently from the msconfig startup list system, with the following steps.

1. Click Start>> Run>> then type regedit and then OK or ENTER.

2. Click HEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>> SOFTWARE>> Microsoft>> Shared Tools> Msconfig>> Startupreg

3. Then remove the applications that have been deleted from the system one by one, by right clicking on the intended application and then select delete.

4. If so, then close the registry

5. Restart Computer

6. Done

Now, make sure the list was no longer appear in the msconfig startup list and make sure the boot process becomes faster.

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