Laptop Batteries that maintain lasting

how to treat the batteries to be more durable and can be used much longer?. Here are tips to keep laptop batteries remain durable.

1. Set the battery power

Have features in Windows that power options. Through this feature you can manage the power consumption of laptop. Very easy to do. Click the Start button, open the Control Panel and then double-click Power Options icon. Will appear a dialog box with the Power Option Properties. Then select the tab Power schemes. On the drop down menu there will be six options, namely Home / Office Desk, Portable / Laptop, Presentation, Always On, and Minimal Power Management Max Battery.

Try click on one of six choices. Setting an turn of monitor, hard disks, System standby and System hibernates akan different time, depending on which option you choose.

If you want more durable battery, you are advised choose 'Max Battery'. This option will save the use of battery power because it only requires minimal processor speed to read such documents or check e-mail. Max Battery will affect the speed in terms of laptop performance laptop akan decreased.

2. Note the use of battery and pengecasan

Do not half-hearted mengecas battery. Caslah up to 100 percent full. If the battery is almost exhausted, caslah battery back up to full but do not wait until the battery is completely empty. This will create the capacity to work with the good battery.

To note again, remove the battery from the laptop if you do not use the laptop for a long time. Will be better if the laptop ditancapkan directly to the adapter if you will be working in a long time.

3. Reduce brightness launch LCD that will eat battery power. Therefore you are advised to reduce the brightness laptop may be minimal but comfortable eye is seen.

4. Use screen savers' Blank '

Screen saver that can deplete the battery. Therefore, use a screen saver 'Blank'. How, right click on the Desktop and select Properties. Akan appear Display Properties dialog box, select the Screen Saver tab. On the drop down menu there are many options screen savers, including 3D FlowerBox, 3D Flying Objects, 3D Text, Blank, Marquee, and so forth. You are advised to select 'Blank' and set the waiting time (Wait time) to 2 minutes and then click OK. This step will make the battery more sparingly.

5. Reduce resolution
Another way to create a more durable battery is to reduce the screen resolution and number of colors used in the laptop. To minimize it, you can right-click on the Windows Desktop and select Properties. In the Display Properties dialog box select the Settings tab. Then set the resolution in a way its interesting slider to the left to reduce the resolution. Then in the drop down menu select the color quality (color quality) that is lower, and then click OK.

6. Turn off Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is active, of course, participate in food consumption of the battery. If it does not intend using the wireless access or Internet-ber, make sure the Wi-Fi in a dead battery so that it more durable.

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