Email tips carefully managing to avoid the virus

E-mail is the most simple means for the spread of the virus. Through attachment feature, anyone can send the file along with other e-mail. Can be image files, multimedia, documents, and also program. With it, sending a virus very easily.

If you read the e-mail berattachment offline, first scan with anti virus. Do not open attachments from sources that are not obvious and suspicious. Also, avoid clicking on links in e-mail. Cracker is now a smart-smart. They fake the usual link to your website into the online banking traps (also false). They take credit card data because when you log in, you will find all the error messages even though you have valid data. Immediately, the money you akan dikuras by them.

Actions like this name phishing. Do not believe easily to the grandiose promises given e-mail cans. Usually no more than their fraud simply because the name of the company listed only the front of the victim believe that candidate. Check e-mail the truth in the official website of the company name listed in the e-mail.

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