7 Tips Windows 7

Windows 7 has to try? Kuasai steps fast a computer with Windows 7, so that the performance of the operating system that is still testing it can be more steady. 1. MP3 song in order to remain intact

Windows 7 has a weakness in Windows Player 12 because it has a bad bug. This bug will automatically add the missing metadata, including album art. The problem this can cause the file is not intact anymore.

To fix, install updatenya from the Microsoft site.

2. Right click the The Sakti

* Right click on the blank to set the desktop resolution screen, so no need to display the settings first.

* Right click on the Explore icon in the taskbar, to access the public folder system that is used as Documents, Pictures, and more quickly with the other.

* If do not want to use Internet Explorer and want to move from taksbar, just right-click on the IE icon, select "Unpin this program from the taskbar, and then install another browser.

3. Shortcut (shortcut) on the keyboard

* Alt + P: To display or hide the rejection Explorer window

* Windows Logo + G: Showing the face of the gadget-windows windows other

* Windows Logo + + (plus key): Zoom in

* Windows Logo + - (minus key): Zoom out

* Windows Logo + Up: increase the size of window

* Windows Logo + Down: the window size

* Windows Logo + Left: Moving toward the left side of the screen

* Windows Logo + Right: Moving towards the right side of the screen

* Windows Logo + Home: Meminimize / merestore window other than the current

4. Set the UAC (User Account Control)

Irritated with the number of 'warning' (alert) as in Windows Vista? Arrange the following steps: Start -> Control Panel -> Change User Account Control Settings.

5. Cakram Digital Writing

Windows 7 to finally provide the service mem-'burn 'ISO file directly to CD or DVD form. To memudahkannya, live double click on the file, select the drive with a blank disc and click Burn.

Access video faster

Right-click on the Start menu, then go to Properties -> Start Menu -> Customize, and set the video options on the "Display as a link." Can now access the folder with the short video.

7. For Flickr

Have an account on Flickr? To accelerate the opening, visit the site I Started Something, and its downloadlah Connector, and select Open. With this, "Flickr Search 'will be added in the Searches folder, can also search for images via the desktop. Easy right?

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