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Show Full Path File or Folder in the Title Bar: If you are a Windows user and Windows XP, you'll certainly never / often surf with Windows Explorer in order to "explore" the files or folders on the hard drive in your computer. When we highlight (select) a folder / file, by default, Windows Explorer will display the address of the folder / file in the address bar in full path. While in the title bar, only the folder names are displayed. If you want, we can display the address of the folder / file that we are eksplor on the title bar. Follow along tipsnya Computer Tips and Tricks below.

Display the default title bar when we "surf" in the Windows Explorer is as below, where the title bar is shown only folder names are not the path of the folder / file that we are "eksplor".

To display the full path of files / folders that are on our eksplor title bar of Windows Explorer is to change the way settingan on Folder Option.

1. Access (open) Folder Option that can be done in various ways, including:

* Open the Control Panel with the Start>> Control Panel>> Select the Folder Options applet
* Open Windows Explorer>> select the Tools menu>> Folder Option

2. After the open window and then select Folder Options tab view.

3. Then check the option Display the full path in the title bar with a click (as in the screenshot above).

4. Then click OK or Apply

5. Done

Once we change settingannya on the title bar will show full path of files / folders that we are eksplor.

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