Fake Security Warnings

world, the Internet era are very sophisticated now we need to learn in order to compete with others, here I share a little knowledge anda.

diSaat with browsing the internet and suddenly a window pop up with a different message such as "free to update your computer", "scan your computer you with a free anti-virus ". Perhaps some of the pop-up message is useful for you, but you should first read the details carefully before clicking on it. Pop-up advertisers, in a message or an unwanted program and website that can disrupt the performance of your computer.

If you work with Internet Explorer and want to block pop-up windows and unwanted messages. Open Internet Explorer and click the Tools menu and go to Pop-up Blocker option, here you can Turn Off Pop-up blocking pop-ups from all sites. But you have several options to allow the site to pop-up. For this purpose open a Pop-up Blocker Settings. Here you can add some names to certain web sites pop-up window and click Add. If you feel there is a problem to block pop-up messages for some problems, click the X in the top right of the pop-up window.
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