Internet Error Codes

sometimes if we are to browse the internet and try to open a web site, e-mail and FTP site, but you see different error code in there. You must be familiar with this error code. You can solve this problem if you know the meaning of error code.

here I bantu you to know if your monitor is shown in the error:

400 This is bad request error, First check, you may be typing wrong URL name and server could not understand your request.

401 You are trying to access an invalid page or site. Check your username and password if you try to open a web page.

402 Payment Required Error

403 you try to open a forbidden page and you blocked by that domain.

404 Here you will try to open a web page that has been removed or re-named, also check the spelling of the URL.

408 This is the time error. You must send a request in time with the server set for you.

if not successful please restat your computer back to the process of re -

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