Speed up your slow internet connection

this day you still confused? special tip for those who are still using slow dial-up internet connection is not available because of all broadband connections in their area. Web Accelerator is an application designed to provide full acceleration for routine web site browsing. With the help of Web Accelerator you can access your internet 4 to 6 times faster than normal dial-up connections. Basically this service compressing data on the site text, images, graphics and heavy to open or download data at speeds that can tinggi.dan longer download time if it's good the other applications.

This technique is useful for static websites to email and applications but does not accelerate with secure and download audio or video file. Some good web accelerator still cache your system back to a web site with the faster speeds and can also block pop-up windows. If you use the FTP site and download the program using a dial-up, the web accelerator is not for you. There are several web accelerator software is available free on the Internet, download and enjoy a visit to your connection.

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