Tips To Save Bandwidth Quotas

Here are some tips to save bandwidth allocation:
1. Upload static files on other servers.
Static file here is a file that no longer need to undergo modification. Among other images, zip files, mp3, and others. Upload the file on another server commonly known by the name of the file hosting, or if the image is called image hosting. For zip files, you can upload it on a site that provides free uploading services like rapidshare, ziddu, 4shared, and so on. Or if you want to upload a file to several file hosting as well, could use Gazup.

For image files, is now available many sites image hosting services, among others:


Disadvantages: if we deleted the image file by the service sites mentioned above, then we can not display images on your site / blog us.

2. Mengkompress image files as small as possible

File image (picture) has used the format jpg, gif, png, bmp. The fourth format has advantages and kekurangannnya respectively in terms of color resolution, image size, color degradation when in-resize, etc.. Noteworthy is the use of image formats as needed. Do not use bmp format, but use the jpg. Then kompress image with menggunaka image editor software. For gif and png files, please choose between the two formats are everywhere smaller in size without losing quality.

Disadvantages: pictures that we show are not interesting, because it degrades the color.

3. Do not use templates / themes that work with the script "timthumb" in the display tumbhnail (picture).

Some WordPress themes displays tumbhnail with timthumb script. This will render Scritp images found on the server, then display it in the form of thumbnails (small images), without losing the size ratio. Bandwidth waste side of the themes of this type are:

Requires that images uploaded to the server itself
Thumbnails generated much larger file size than the original image (on the quality = 100). If using q = <100, thumbnails are rendered very ugly.
On the page that displays multiple images, the process becomes very heavy loading and long

Some themes that use script timthumb:

Arthemia free
Arthemia Premium
Mimbo Pro
Etc. ('ve forgotten, wrote his own search)

FYI, for those who have very limited bandwidth, is not recommended using this type of themes, unless you remove and edit timthumb features with a different custom field.

4. Renting a package hosting with unlimited bandwidth (unlimited)

This solution is very good for blog owners who do not want to be bothered with the process of uploading files and images. By having unlimited package, we do not have to mess with the theft of bandwidth, and also can help other bloggers are poor bandwidth.

Disadvantages: Expensive, and also still has risks suspended by the hosting provider.

5. Renting a VPS (virtual private server) itself

This solution specifically for webmasters who have traffic visitors very solid. By renting VPS, we like the full rights of memiiki server, so no need to mess around with the threat of suspending conducted by the hosting service provider. In conclusion: this is a very practical way and VERY NOT ECONOMIC.

So what can be explained, may be useful for those who do not know.
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