Caring for LCD Mobile Tips

The need for mobile or cellular phone alias 'mobile' is now no longer something exclusive, then no wonder that most people now use it as part of the necessities of life. Moreover, this facility enables SMS communication is established more economical but effective.

Wearing the phone is no easy task, especially for the 'mobile' is still new. However, one of the tips to keep your cell phone is the durability of the LCD take care of the phone, which is part of the phone used to display text and image data, which often complained about their users. These tips may help you to be more careful about keeping your phone LCD.

First, if you buy a new phone with warranty, you should not rush to follow the trend to change your phone's display lights. Because this will make you lose the warranty from where you purchased the phone. If the installation process the LCD light is less tidy and well, maybe you will lose double. In addition to your mobile phone will be damaged, its LCD will not necessarily like the original, also lost warranty.

Second, from experience, the phone has passed two years more will be much less decline in the ability LCDnya. If it has started to happen 'cataract' aka increasingly blurred your LCD screen, immediately contact the authorized service and replace your phone LCD.

Third, do not be too often exposed to shocks to your phone (except the mobile phone designed shock-resistant as the particular brand), if left to the LCD will be damaged.

Fourth, try not to your mobile phone LCD depressed or suppressed. This is very important. If you reached the distressed conditions, the LCD screen will remove the liquid. As a result your phone LCD will have blank.

Fifth, try not to hit your phone LCD direct sunlight or exposed to heat or exposed to temperatures too cold, because it can reduce the performance and quality of liquid crystal in the LCD. (LCD = Liquid Crystal Display)
Sixth, If you want to change the casing, try to find the size chassis fits perfectly with the original casing. Distance non-original casing is generally too close and tend to suppress the phone LCD screen. So, look forward with distance casing your LCD screen.

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