Carefully manage email tips to avoid viruses

E-mail is the easiest means for the spread of the virus. Through attachment feature, anyone can send other files along with the e-mail. Can be image files, multimedia, documents, and also programs. With him, sending a virus becomes very easy. If you read the e-mail berattachment offline, scan it with anti-virus. Do not open attachments from sources that are not obvious and suspicious. Also, avoid clicking on links in e-mail. Cracker now smart. They used to fake the link so that you go into online banking websites trap (which is also false). They take your credit card data because when logged in, you will find the error message even though all you have valid data. Immediately, your money will be drained by them.

This action called phishing. Do not easily believe in the promises given high sounding e-mail cans. Usually they are nothing more than a fraud because the name of the listed companies was only a cover so that potential victims believe. Check the truth of the e-mail at the official website of the company name listed in the e-mail.
Prevent others from copying the files to the flashdisk

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