Rename Recycle Bin

The tendency of each person is wanted everything different from the others, not least in the case of the computer.

Many of the default name of our Windows-tweaking the brain by giving the name of the "weird" and it will give satisfaction to those who do. Including changing the name Recycle Bin to the name we liked.

As usual, the tips Renaming the Recycle Bin, we use the Windows registry editor facilities, with the steps as follows.

1. Click Start>> Run>> then type regedit and press OK or ENTER will open up the registry editor window.

2. Then click HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT> CLSID>> (645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E)

3. Then double-click the default name in the right panel to be Edit String window comes up.

4. Then the value of data, change the name "as you" followed by pressing OK.

5. Close the Registry Editor window

6. Restart your PC / laptop

7. Done

Try now you open Windows Explorer and you will find the Recycle Bin has turned into a name you want it.

Prevent others from copying the files to the flashdisk

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