Delete Files By Permanent

Delete Files / Folders In Permanent. By default, Windows will accommodate the special folder called the Recycle Bin for files / folders that we deleted or delet from the drive. The more frequent removal will make the full disk. So that it does not happen, we must do "emptying the recycle bin" on a regular basis. If you want, you can create a file or folder deletion without accommodated through first recycle bin but permanently erased immediately. Thus, no recycle bin will make a fat that can reduce the disk capacity.

Excess tips is no matter how often we make the elimination of files / folders will not reduce the capacity for direct hard disk permanently erased from the hard drive.

While lack of these tips is that if one day you accidentally delete a file / folder is important then we will find it difficult to return it.

Therefore, before running these tips, it is important to consider the benefits gained compared with the risk of deficiency.

Tips Delete Files / Folders Permanently In this use the Windows facility group policy editor.

The steps as follows.

Click Start>> Run>> then type gpedit.msc and press OK or ENTER to get a window group policy editor.

Click User Configuration>> Windows Components>> Windows Explorer>>

Then in sebelam right column, double click on the Do not move deleted files to the Recycle Bin to get a window Do not move deleted files to the Recycle Bin Properties.

Then select the Enabled option and then proceed OK or Apply.

Then close the windows group policy editor.


Then now try to mendelet a file / folder and then try to open the recycle bin folder. What is happening is the recycle bin folder remains empty.

Prevent others from copying the files to the flashdisk

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