Copy-Paste the danger of Personal Data (confidential)

Most people use the shortcut key (short key) to copy (copy) and paste (paste) the information to fill in application forms or purchase / order (goods) online.
We all know and and of course often use the keyboard shortcut keys Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V which is used to make it easier for us to copy and paste the data. But do you know it was easy to bring the danger that we are not aware about the confidentiality of your personal data such as when using a password to log in (email, credit cards, online banking, etc.).

Use Ctrl + C it will record and store your data on the Windows clipboard, so that copies can be read and the data obtained using ASP and JavaScript programming through the web site. From now on be careful to copy the text in the browser using copy-paste, especially when copying of personal data (confidential) you!!

To test this, I want you to do the following steps. Try to copy (copy) any number of web text with the keyboard keys Ctrl + C. Then click the URL below:

If this web page shows the text you just copy, it means that your computer does not prevent you copy the information on the clipboard, leaving a trail of other sites. See examples of test results in the figure below. In this case I wrote "10,000" and then I copy, followed by clicking on the link above.

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