How To Overcome Virus 'Piglet'?

A virus called 'Piglet' is found circulating via Flash Disk. The virus is blocking the function of Windows and eliminate the option in Folder Options.
How do I deal with this virus? As reported earlier, a virus that are recognized as Worm: Piglet VBWorm.NOI or also found in circulation. The main characteristics, there is a file called "AVG 2007" in each Drive included in the Flash Disk. Another feature of this virus, there is a file named "W32.Piglet II.jpg" in the Flash Disk.

This virus will block some functions of Windows and some security tools. He also would eliminate some of the options contained in the Folder Options. The virus is spread via Flash Disk to speed up the process of spreading. How do I deal with these viruses?

1. Disconnect the computer that will be cleared from the network.

2. Turn off the Autorun feature on your Drive. This is done so that the virus is not active when the user access to any Drive or Flash Disk.

3. Turn off the active virus process in memory. To turn off the virus processes you can use tools such as Task Manager replacement Currprocess, then turn off the process with the name Notepad.scr with AVG antivirus icon.

4. Remove string registry that was created by the virus. To facilitate the process of Repair Registry by copying the following script in notepad save it with the name kemdian repair.inf, run the file the following manner:

- Right click repair.inf
- Click Install

5. Delete files that have been created parent virus by first displaying the hidden files. Then delete the following files:

C: \ msvbvm60.dll [In each Drive / Flash Disk]
C: \ Desktop.ini [In each Drive / Flash Disk]
C: \ AVG_update_2007.exe [In each Drive]
C: \ AVG 2007.exe [In each Drive / Flash Disk]
C: \ Autorun.inf [In each Drive / Flash Disk]
C: \ update [In each Drive / Flash Disk


C: \ Windows \ msvbvm60.dll

C: \ WINDOWS \ Resources \ system.scr

C: \ windows \ system32



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